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A squatter-inhabited house has been affected by a fire that ravaged the residence in Satterfield Drive last week. Mayor Brian Blad states that the owner of this home will be given the chance to fix it before the city intervenes.

The fire took place on Wednesday. After the incident, neighbours claimed that the house was an eyesore that lowered property values. Not only this, but the house is now a safety hazard for local children.

The garage area of this home is now gutted because of the fire and has suffered over 90 000$ worth of damages. Rebecca Farrelly is the property owner, who lives out of the state and has allowed the home to remain empty for nearly eight years.

The house has been lived-in by squatters and the neighbours have frequently complained about the property.

Mayor Brian Blad says, "If the homeowner fails to make the necessary repairs and abandons the property, the city may become involved only after any private interests connected to the home abandon their interest in the property."

Blad also claims that in order for a home to be condemned, it has to meet certain criteria. Even at that, the entire takes about a year because the homeowner is given a chance to rectify the situation, and hearings must be held.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, according to the Pocatello Fire Department. The squatters are not, however, expected to be the cause.

Even though the house will need extensive repairs, firefighters do believe that the home can be salvaged. Water Removal Miami

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