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When a flood occurs many are left with their home in shambles and their personal items destroyed. Floods can be dangerous and costly, leaving you and your family victim of this powerful natural disaster. However, there are a few things that can be done when it comes to altering the landscape of your home and structure of your home in order to avoid being a victim of a flood attack.

Elevate your home

Before you try this technique first you are required to You must first comply by your local building codes and acquire the proper permits. This will make your home much safer. Raising the levels of your home will permit the water from the flood to run under the structure of your house, rather than lifting it off it's foundation. Appliances such as various utilities, boilers, your air-conditioning units, is all equipment that is normally located at the lowest level of a home which is an especially vulnerable area that is highly susceptible to flood damage. By moving these items to higher ground, or level/floor, you will be able to protect costly equipment.

Utilize water resistant materials

Floods, high winds, and water leaks can cause water damage to certain materials. However, you are still able to select from a variety of materials used in houses that are far more resistant to moisture, water, flooding, and mold than other materials. When selecting materials those that are more fit for elements such as flooding or water for an extended period of three days or more without significant damage is crucial to those who are in areas where flooding is a common occurrence and hurricanes are prevalent. Some things to keep in mind when searching for these materials are the following:

  • Water resistant
  • Easy to maintain/clean
  • Does not absorb or hold onto water
  • Materials that are resistant to mold growth
  • Easy removable so that drying the material will not pose a problem

Change your landscape

When the exterior of your home is more likely to absorbs the hazardous waters of a flood there are a few measures and precautions that you can take to change that. There are things called swales that are designed as a useful way to redirect the direction of the water away from your house. Also another method would be to change the material of your driveway. Converting from a driveway constructed from concrete to one that is made of brick as well as utilizing various soils that are more likely to absorb the large amounts of water will help to lessen the risks that a flood brings with it, such as water damage.

As a whole dealing with the effects of flood damage can be a costly and taxing experience, both monetarily and mentally. Preparing before a flood can catch you off guard is the best way to reduce the risk and damage that a flood causes and help you gain peace of mind. Utilizing tips like these will in the long run be a worthy project to invest your time and energy into now, so later you will not have to suffer. Especially to those who are in areas where flooding is much more of a common occurrence, doing simple things like this can help you to be and feel safer. Water Damage Miami