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Cyclone Debbie was a category 4 storm that devastated New Zealand and Australia, forcing thousands to evacuate. With waters rising over two meters deep, hundreds of people will lose their homes and businesses to flood damage.

Due to the dangerous conditions, officials have gone so far as to put up barriers to prevent residents from trying to return to their homes because it would be to hazardous to do so. The storm brought in landslides, flooding, and strong winds.

This was not a run of the mill storm. It was said that a storm of this magnitude comes maybe once every 500 years. It is estimated that recovery from the storm's devastation could take several years. Many residents are suffering severe financial losses including losses of their homes, possessions and vehicles.

In addition many are succumbing to the cost of alternate housing as well as lost wages. Others are even facing medical expenses. In addition, businesses are also facing financial burden. Buildings are being destroyed and inventory along with it.

Even those buildings that survive the storms rains and winds will likely suffer severe damage and all will suffer dramatically from time not being able to conduct business. But of course, safety is of top concern. Disaster funding is available to residents as well as business owners to help offset this financial devastation. Water Damage Miami