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It was just after midnight at around 1 am on a Tuesday morning when the firefighters got called in for a fire incident. The event was occurring at Chillicothe Correctional Center. The North side building of the correctional center seemed to be the source of the fire as massive clouds of smoke billowed from the south side of the building. The firefighters went ahead to investigate inside the building only to find the source of the smoke was a fire from the large clothes dryer. The firefighters decided to use large pressurized water can to put out the fire.

Materials in the clothes dryer were then carefully removed and taken outside the North service building. As for the smoke in the room, two large fans were used to disperse it and blow over the place. The maintenance crew of the correctional center had shut off power to the north side building before the arrival of the firefighters. The overhead sprinkler system was already running the clothes dryer. The firefighters requested to have the sprinkler system shut off when they arrived on the scene.

Fire damage was limited to the clothes dryer. The damage was mostly on the inside of the dryer. Smoke damage was experienced in the room where the incident occurred. The smoke damage was however limited to the chamber. There was no smoke damage outside of the room except on the outside of the windows. The inside of the room where the fire originated from was dark from all the smoke. The smoke damage was throughout the room, and nothing was left untouched. Due to the sprinkler system going off when the fire started there was plenty of water damage in most place in the room. This was particularly true for the area near the clothes dryer. Water from the sprinkler system was also running down the floor into another field. The area was later identified as a storage room.

The personnel in the building were questioned by the firefighters on site to identify when they became aware of the fire. The staff stated that they were alerted to the fire by the fire alarm system. They said that when it went off, they checked nearby rooms and could smell smoke. When they pulled the security cameras in the area with the fire, they saw the smoke in the laundry room area. The smoke was rolling across the ceiling in the room. Once the area was identified, they rushed to the room and found the room was full of smoke. The personnel attempted to put out the fire by using two dry chemical extinguishers. The attempt to put off the fire was unfruitful. The smoke became too much for the personnel and then left the room. They then proceeded to call the fire department. The firefighters then arrived at the scene soon after. They responded with six personnel and two engines. Engine 326 and Engine 329 were used in the process of putting out the fire. Smoke Damage Restoration