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2017 has not been an easy year for Nevada. That is because a series of floods and winter storms have wreaked havoc, causing widespread property damage. It is clear something must be done to help prevent further damage from incurring.

The damage is not only damaging man-made structures, but what Nevada treasures even more; their nature. The Nature Conservancy is focused on reversing the negative impact and restore the natural beauty.

Since the concern is mainly the rivers overflowing, leading to flood damage, the team is starting an initiative to carve out multiple channels, allowing the water to run freely and naturally. Doing this would allow for healthy river flow. In addition, it would benefit wildlife as well as reduce flooding.

Not only would this be a great all around solution that would help preserve natural beauty, but it would also be cost effective. Using this preventative measure would reduce flooding damage, thus greatly reducing the funds needed for restoration. Still, the project will cost upwards of $180 million. While more funding may be needed, it may be difficult to acquire after a similar project was not as successful as hoped. Water Removal Miami