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An angry teenager had deliberately caused a flood which has resulted to thousands of dollars of damages at the Plainville Police Station on a Tuesday night. According to the police report, the 16-year-old boy allegedly broke a fire sprinkler in his cell which resulted to the extensive damage to Plainville’s police headquarters particularly to their electrical communication wiring. Fortunately, though the service has remained intact. But the officers of the headquarters have decided to make a precautionary measure. For several hours on Tuesday evening, all the calls to the police station were rerouted to New Britain police headquarters while the extent of damages caused by the broken sprinkler was investigated by the staff of the town building.

Chief Matthew Catania of the Plainville Police Station has stated, "We sent an officer to New Britain to answer our calls. We wanted to make sure that our communications would work and not go down because of the water damage”. He also went on saying "We had a lot of damage but we did not lose service. So we brought the officer back after a few hours and resumed using our system." Meanwhile, aside from breaking the fire sprinkler, the boy was accused of attacking his girlfriend which has also caused damaged items at the fight scene. Based on the report, the boy has also allegedly kicked and beat his girlfriend’s dog. In addition, the teenage ran away from the scene when the policemen were called.

The accused teenager has been filed charges with first degree criminal mischief due to the resulting damages at the police station. He also got charged with animal cruelty due to beating and kicking the dog and was given separate charges for interfering with the police, third degree criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct. The boy suspect has tried to flee away from the scene. Plainville police Lt. Nicholas Mullins has stated,"Good thing for the footprints. He had quite a head start on us." The snow has helped the policemen tracked the suspect. They were able to follow the boy’s tracks from the fresh snow and eventually he got caught.

The suspect’s name and address were withheld. He was released from the police custody and will be due to appear at the juvenile court. As of Wednesday, it was not clear yet as to whether the town will be seeking for damage reimbursement from the suspect or his family. Although the video monitors at the holding cell were able to film the entire incident leading to the breaking of the fire sprinkler, the things happened very quickly that the police were not able to respond to prevent the incident. By the time they arrived at the cell, the damage has been done. The Plainville crew were left busy repairing the water-damaged electrical wirings and panels on Wednesday. To make things worse, aside from the electrical wiring damages, the water has also damaged the police headquarters’ flooring. It is good thing that the town is insured according to Mullins. Flooding Miami