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A major mishap can occur anytime and the Las Vegas Fire was a perfect example of it. The fire, in the absence of a smoke detector, took away the lives of the maintenance person of the unit, including his wife and daughter. The preliminary search revealed that the owner of the flat didn’t replace the smoke detector that was ineffective after a fire that occurred before. Luckily, there were two sisters who even survived the fire in the same premise. Mr. Andrew Ray and his wife Diana Rose Bankston along with their daughter Kaysha were the victims.

The fire was supposed to have originated from the living area of the Ray household. The lady of the house was sleeping on the sofa, in the same area; severe burns and inhalation of smoke were the primary reasons for her spot death. Mr. Andrew was late in acknowledging the impending danger along with her daughter. Therefore, all his attempts to save himself and his daughter turned futile, as the smoke and fire engulfed their whole apartment. The University Medical Center tried hard, but could not save the father daughter duo.

The complexes were the Ray’s lived were put under the scanner, a few days before the accident, due to compliance issues, and notices were served to the authorities by the Fire Prevention Division. Ray was one among the maintenance repairmen, who successfully undertook the installation of smoke detectors and other emergency devices. But, unfortunately, his own house suffered from a small fire a few days before the disaster, which made him remove the smoke alarm from his apartment. Before Andrew could put back the detectors after renovating his house, a fire broke out and tragedy struck the household. The restoration is expected to begin soon.

In another incident, a case of severe pipe bursting occurred at Union College, which affected the property severely. The university has not fully received the dues pertaining to the damage from the Hartford Fire Insurance, which amounted to $5 billion. The college claims to have been suffering a loss of 1.1 million dollars in the hands of the insurers, prompting them to sue the company.

The severity of the accident was averted due to the fire alarm ringing, that made the students leave the premises on an immediate basis. There was a huge infrastructural loss as classrooms; laboratories of the college were destroyed. Even the laptops of the students became nonfunctional when the scholars returned to collect it, after the incident. The institute with the help of the restoration organization was successful in opening a portion of the campus, but the major portion was still to recover.

The disaster was followed by another flood, which occurred seven months back and caused damage of the Old Chapel, South College, and many other popular places. Although during the flood the nearby pub, The Rathskeller suffered the maximum damage and remained closed for almost a year. The event resulted in a lawsuit of million dollars in which the city and the insurers were the participants. The insurance company pointed the city as culprits, due to which the water disaster occurred. The case is still pending. Smoke Damage