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Claim complete insurance Rights or Benefits

Imagine the shame and disgust we feel when we hear reports from other land relating to manipulation of humanity last hope: The judicial system. When corrupt men and women, great and small, elite and working class find loopholes in the law and use it for their own selfish gain. The judicial system should not just enforce the proper way of obedience; it should protect the ordinary man. At this point, citizens of Florida will agree that the assignment of benefits (AOB) is not just manipulated but completely abused. This article hopes to create a state of awareness.


If you are oblivious of what an AOB is, I will explain. An AOB refers to a legal agreement that allows a third party claim complete insurance rights or benefits of the policy. Simply put, an AOB is the forfeiture of one's ability to lay claims to insurance payments and even been unable to make repair decisions. Without your consent, contractors bill your insurance company and get the proceeds directly. In this instance, you are just a pawn in a contractor's chess game.


The concept behind AOB is to help fix damage that comes after an emergency; a storm, abig home repair. Contractors offers to help you pressure the insurance company to quickly pay you. A loophole these unscrupulous contractors still exploit is the ability to sue insurance companies if their bogus fees are not paid. With an annual spike of over 10%, citizens might be paying contractors a little over $200 million.


Exploiting the AOB doesn't just put a strain on your relationship with your insurance, you'll lack privacy. These contractors will always find a reason to make repairs thus creating a sense of utopia and hence creating a means to bill insurance companies. If an insurance company refuses to pay them, with the aid of unscrupulous attorneys, the contractors can charge them to court. Either they win or theinsurance company, it remains a win-win situation for them. With this becoming so rampant, insurance companies are quick to paycreating a whole chain of reaction. More cost is incurred, guess who pay for them? The consumers.


Legislators in Florida might be doing a good job in ending this menace, however, it remains a mystery to why the Bill 1038 was left to die. We still applaud the work done to halt the activities of these scammers. The damage AOB has caused is visible for the blind to see and loud enough for the deaf to hear. Pro lawyers influenced the decision to create the AOB, the legislators can end this mess. Only if legislators can keep in check the excesses of unscrupulous attorneys and bad actors, we might enjoy a breathing space.


We're hoping to see reforms to reduce the pain and stress the AOB creates. According to Barry Gilway, the CEO of Citizens, a bill drafted by Sen. Dorothy Hulkill will be backed by all insurers. We hope we get things right this time and continue to enjoy a Florida that prioritize citizens' welfare.


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